Everyone has their opinions about films they see. This collection includes snip-its of newspaper reviews about the documentary titles Resurrect Dead: The Toynbee Tiles. Along with these movie reviews comes an article about the director himself, how he filmed the documentary, and how it gained popularity.

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Found on, the University's Ungergraduate Library Acamemdic Search Premier, this peer reviewed essay contains a library journal article which reviews on the movie Resurrect Dead: Toynbee Tiles. The author provides a brief description of the…

Andy Webster, the author of "Decoding the Puzzling Messages of a Recluse", composed a great deal of his article on the editing choices of the director. From Webster's article it can be clearly inferred that the author thoroughly enjoyed the film. The…

Citation: Cassady, C. "Resurrect Dead: The Mystery Of The Toynbee Tiles." Video Librarian 27.3 (2012): 72. Film & Television Literature Index. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.
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